Filter Assembly

1340~1360MHz, 1460~1480MHz, 1380~1400MHz, Pin

  • DFSBF13-C1340-1400-2232
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  • RoHS compliant (Meet RoHS standards can be customized)

Product Details

Main specifications

Passband F1//1340~1360MHz
Passband F2//1460~1480MHz
Passband F3//1380~1400MHz
Passband IL1.70dB
Band 1 RejectionDC-1.2GHz≥70dBc
Band 1 Rejection1.2-1.32GHz≥45dBc
Band 1 Rejection1.38-1.5GHz≥45dBc
Band 1 Rejection1.43-1.5GHz≥65dBc
Band 1 Rejection1.5-3GHz≥70dBc
band 2 RejectionDC-1.32GHz≥70dBc
band 2 Rejection1.32-1.39GHz≥60dBc
band 2 Rejection1.39-1.44GHz≥45dBc
band 2 Rejection1.5-1.62GHz≥45dBc
band 2 Rejection1.62-1.75GHz≥65dBc
band 2 Rejection1.75-3GHz≥70dBc
band 3 RejectionDC-1.24GHz≥70dBc
band 3 Rejection1.24-1.36GHz≥45dBc
band 3 Rejection1.42-1.47GHz≥45dBc
band 3 Rejection1.47-1.54GHz≥65dBc
band 3 Rejection1.54-3GHz≥70dBc
Passband VSWR1.40

Other parameters

ConnectorPin 0.5mm
Average power50W Design assurance
Peak power100W Design assurance
Shell MaterialAluminium
Operation Temp.-40~+70℃ Design assurance
Storage Temp.-55~+85℃ Design assurance



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