• COM-MW established the 13th and 14th business Divisions on June 15, 2020, with Wu Mingyuan and Kang Zhengliang as managers respectively.
  • Aug 2019 Established COM-MW Support Center in Chengdu, mainly for manufacturing few or urgent metal component Antena Business Department moved to No. 339 Longgang Road, Chenghua Zone, Chengdu Released the product manual of 2019 version.
  • July 2019 Added the fifth office address, changed the business license registration address and invoice information to be the production-oriented enterprise.
  • April 2019 Established R&D Center to develop the difficult customized goods and high cost performance shelf products.
  • Mar 2019 Adjusted the organization to be 5 centers, which are Manufacturing center, Sales center, R&D center, Guarantee Center and Settlement center.
  • Jan 2019 Started the self-developed information system, realized paperless office and full coverage of ERP, OA and QA system document management.


  • R & D center workshop

  • Keysight vector network analyzer

  • Keysight Spectrum analyzer and Signal source

  • Anechoic Chamber

  • Brother processing center

  • Semi automatic stripping machine

  • Shangjin bonding machine

  • No. 4 workshop

  • No. 6 workshop

  • Family photo of 2019

  • Headquarter

  • No. 2 workshop